Food Bullying is Real!


     You may not have heard of the term “Food Bullying”, however, I am sure you have felt the effects of it at some point in your life. We all have those few friends or family members who just don’t quite get why you are making different food choices. Whether it’s to make more nutritious decisions, lose a few pounds, preparing for a body building competition, or going gluten free to avoid bloating; keep in mind it is all YOUR decision on how you decide to fuel your body daily.

     There will always be those who just do not understand why you are making such drastic choices. I personally have had both friends and family members say to me, “Why don’t you cheat just this one time?”, “Eat this brownie, it won’t hurt”, or “You are already skinny, why are you on a diet?”. There are many reasons why this may happen.

  • They want to feel better about their bad choices and wish they were self-disciplined in the same way.
  • They are concerned (mom and dad)! They just are not use to you eating this way and may lack knowledge on the benefits of eating lean and clean.
  • They really want you to enjoy the experience with them. Some people mistake food as a way to make them “happy” and just want you to be “happy” with them.

     How do you avoid this from happening at your next family event or dinner date with friends? The most important thing for me is to remind myself of the reason why I am making this choice and have a true understanding that what I put in my body is my choice and my choice alone.  From personal experience, once you explain how important the goal is to your friends and family and ask for their respect, it usually makes a turn for the best. Most of the time they are unknowingly “Food Bullying” and often apologize and ask for your advice on changing their own eating habits.

     So next time you are confronted with a “Food Bully”, don’t become pressured, stand strong, and make your own choices!