Is Intermittent Fasting a "THING"?


     Okay, so I have so much to say about intermittent fasting that it’s hard to figure out where to start. I chose to use this as a blog topic because it seems to be the new wave of “how to eat”. I told myself I wouldn’t blog about anything I wouldn’t at least try. So with that being said, I have been doing intermittent fasting for the past couple of weeks. After doing some research, I felt a little intimidated (which I may add is completely normal) and mind blown. Not only because I had little knowledge about what it was but also there was what seems like a million ways to fast and a huge list of multiple health benefits.

     With all the buzz about intermittent fasting going around, I think it is crucial for you to know first and foremost what it is. I think it is very important for everyone reading this to know it is NOT A DIET. You still eat your normal amount of set calories and/or clean meals from Food4Thought, however, with fasting you simply eat a larger portion or more frequently in a set amount of time. The best way to explain it is as an “eating pattern” (this helped me come to terms with realizing I wouldn’t be starving myself during this period). There are two different states during this “eating pattern”:  the FED STATE and the FASTED STATE.

  • FED STATE - When you are eating, and your body is digesting and absorbing food. At this state our insulin levels increase and it is hard for your body to burn fat.
  • FASTED STATE – This period starts 8 to 12 hours from your last meal. Insulin levels are low during this stage which means your body can burn the HARD fat that it couldn’t in the FED STATE. This is the ideal time to get your workouts in.

     So is there just one way to fast? Heck NO! Come to find out there are multiple ways to fast and time periods to choose from. I chose the 16/8 method, which in my opinion would be the best way to start. There are however other methods which you can research but for purposes of this blog we will stick with the 16/8 method.

  • 16/8 Method: You fast for 14-16 hours and eat during an 8- 10 hour window. For example, I chose to eat from 10AM to 6PM each day. Then I would wake up and go to the gym in my “FASTED STATE” to burn all that unwanted HARD to get to fat.

      So, like myself when starting this, you may be wondering why someone would do this? After researching and putting it into action, I was shocked by not only the health benefits but weight loss and strength growth that happened in such a short period of time. I can’t wait to share how this affected not only my personal appearance but improvements with my performance in the gym! Be sure to check out next week’s blog to see what happens!