Is Intermittent Fasting a Thing? (Part 2)


     Two weeks ago, I wrote about Intermittent Fasting and shared small bits on the research I had done prior to trying it for the first time. I explained what Intermittent Fasting was and shared the method I chose to start with (16/8 Method: fast for 14-16 hours and eat during an 8- 10-hour window). Since then, I have had both ups and downs with this new way of eating and can’t wait to share my experience with you.

     Let’s jump right into it! Week one can easily be compared to a Sour Patch Kid, sour then sweet.  Since my eating pattern was from 8am to 4pm, my occasional glass of wine before bed was completely thrown out (if you know me, you know this did not make me a happy camper). In addition, I love my morning cup of coffee with almond milk creamer and that was thrown right out the window along with the wine. I did feel hungry and the first few days of going to the gym in my “fasted state” made me feel fatigue. On a much brighter note, it was this first week where I lost close to 5 pounds. I didn’t realize I would see such a significance in weight loss due to such a small change in the timing of devouring my meals. As this first week went on, the fatigue I was feeling in the gym went away and I felt like my performance was at an all time high. It was fair to say I was “feeling myself” by the end of the first week.

     Going into week two, I was pumped! I lost 5 pounds and my performance at the gym was getting better. I realized eating from 8am to 4pm was a bit too early for me so switched my eating pattern to 10am to 6pm. This helped to keep me more satisfied before bed. As the week went on, I noticed every now and then I would eat a little past 6pm or have that occasional glass of wine (I am human, right?). It was in those moments where I realized doing this was going to take a REAL commitment and a reason WHY. I say this because there will be times when you are invited to events, dinners, etc. that will extend past your allotted time to eat. When this happened to me, I started to question if I really wanted to do this long term as it can affect some of the things I most enjoy.

     I am going into my third week now. After the research, I realized the main point of fasting for me was going the gym in my “fasted state” to lose the harder to get fat. I know myself well enough to say that balance in everything is how I am most successful. I am not someone who enjoys being completely cut off from something and I like the occasional food/drinks with friends and family. I will continue to fast, however, on the evenings prior to my “rest day” from the gym is when I will allow myself to “cheat” since I will not be going to the gym the next morning. This works well for me, however, may not for everyone reading this. For example, my boyfriend has been along on this journey with me and has taken this to a whole new level. He is now only eating in a 4-hour window and has decided not to “cheat” at all (he is kind of a showoff lol).  Just be sure to do what works best for you and what will make you most successful in any new venture. Just a little Food4Thought!